Our panel

Explorer is a panel of pet owners committed to the well-being of their pets. Every action on the platform is rewarded.

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A community of trust

With dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles, birds, fish and more—Yummypets has been building a community of loyal and committed pet owners for nearly 10 years. With Explorer, we are expanding the conversation with this community by surveying them on their opinion and views regarding their daily life as pet owners.

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100% dedicated to pets

Unlike other panels, Explorer is exclusively dedicated to the pet world. In addition to our surveys, we will ask you a daily question about your purchasing habits related to pet products.

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Data privacy

The Explorer platform has been developed with special care for data privacy. The data from the surveys that you participate in will remain anonymous and will not be communicated. Moreover, all our processes are compliant with the RGPD. The data collected by Explorer is neither sold nor communicated to a third party.

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Preserve the planet

Explorer has decided to commit to the well-being of our planet by donating money to The Ocean Cleanup, an association committed to removing plastic waste from the oceans with solar-powered cleanup devices. Every time that you answer a survey or question of the day, Explorer will donate a dollar to this cause.

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Rewards for your pets

To reward you for your time and participation in our surveys, Explorer offers you the possibility to win gift cards for e-commerce platforms such as Chewy and Amazon. Join the panel for free and start spoiling your furry friends!

Join the panel. Join the discussion. Lend your voice to our current studies.